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Case Study: Drupal 8 Build

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Technology International Europe Ltd (TI)  partnered with us to help redesign their ageing website. Their previous site suffered from outdated mobile UX alongside poor SEO optimisation.  It wasn't a platform that did justice to their comprehensive service offering, or a foundation from which they could enjoy future growth. 

Key Objectives

  • Create a new, visually appealing website using up to date technology
  • Website must have a user-friendly backend CMS to give full independence
  • Must be futureproof and provide a solid platform for future growth

What We Did:

To begin, we carried out a thorough research and discovery phase in collaboration with the team at TI. We examined the old site, conducting an in-depth Heuristic UX review, investigatng aspects ranging from mobile responsiveness and UX best practice, to their CMS and reporting set-up. Additionally we undertook an SEO situation analysis and constructed an ideal Information Architecture. Our aim throughout this phase was to create a user experience that internal stakeholders and end-users alike could identify with.

Following on from this we began build both low-fi & hi-fi prototypes for vital pages within the core user journeys. All of our designs were underpinned by the valuable insight obtained during the research phase. We produced multiple designs across both desktop and mobile to accurately convey to TI how the UI would look and feel. 

TI had long been reliant upon third parties to maintain their site and lacked the flexibility to update content by themselves. To combat this drawback, we built the site using Drupal 8 to provide the team at TI with a user friendly experience and complete freedom to make agile changes to their content and optimisations.

The Results

  • A striking and visually appealing user experience
  • User friendly Drupal 8 site providing unparalleled editing freedom
  • Future proof website built to be scalable with current technology

What this means for the future:

Technology International now have a fantastic looking website that sets them apart from the crowd. The ability to edit and optimise content independently has given them a site that they can truly call their own and will help them grow from strength to strength.

Modernising our website was a huge undertaking with many distinct complexities. But we’re thrilled to have collaborated with equimedia. They worked closely with us from day one, becoming part of the team. This meant that very quickly they had an innate understanding our needs & requirements. The finished product puts us head and shoulders above the rest of the field and being able to update our own content at will has been fantastic.

Rhys Griffiths - Head of Marketing, Technology International

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