Launched in 2009 Aldermore had grown very quickly, but still had ambitious growth targets. To help them achieve this we re-looked at their digital strategy beginning with a deep dive into all their past performance data.

Analysing the previous agency’s results, implementing a testing strategy and improving the setup of campaigns allowed us to quickly identify areas within the existing digital marketing channels (including PPC, aggregators, digital display and affiliates) that could be improved.

For example, within PPC, we were able to leverage Aldermore’s success in the market by implementing review extensions (featuring the coveted industry awards that the brand had secured) in addition to other betas. These techniques combined provided Aldermore with increased presence on the SERP, encouraging improved CTR.

Previously the client could not track the efficiency of their marketing performance right through the sales funnel due to some products not having an end to end online customer journey (e.g.) mortgages. We implemented a solution that integrated with our online reporting system allowing responses to be assigned back to online, even when the conversion may have occurred offline.

Ensuring all product campaigns were accurately tracked from exposure to sale meant that the efficiency of cross- and up-sell campaigns, using sophisticated retargeting methodologies in PPC and display, could be accurately assessed and the value of every customer contact maximised.

This granular approach to channel set up and campaign management led to us outperforming the previous agency and driving significant sales growth within just 3 months of taking over the account!

Additional analysis also proved display to be hugely significant in assisting other channel conversions. Between 21% and 32% of conversion journeys delivering a last click sale through brand PPC, generic PPC, affiliates and aggregators contained display assists. Display activity has subsequently helped to maintain a higher level of PPC conversions, helping Aldermore hit their ambitious sales targets all year round – not just during seasonal peaks!

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