The Climate Coalition is the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action on climate change. Their flagship campaign, Show the Love, takes over the Valentine’s Day period to bring awareness of climate change to new audiences.

With the centrepiece online content for the campaign being a short film, The Climate Coalition wanted to use paid promotion to outreach their message to key audiences who don’t usually hear about climate change.

We put the customer and audience data into the heart of all our media planning. With our knowledge of this sector and in depth research into social networks, audience behaviour and profiling, the media plan centred on running the campaign across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The key success factor for this campaign was the targeting. The targeting strategy was tightly defined to ensure the film would reach the profiled audience segments, using times and channels that would most likely generate high levels of social engagements.

With clearly defined target groups, influencers, interest and events, we were able to closely monitor the activity and quickly implement effective optimisations to ensure the campaign smashed last year’s viewing figures 5-fold!

By getting this right, the social outreach was effectively amplified during the short campaign period to continue spreading the message far and wide, with over 1.4m teaser film views attributed to the online activity.

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