HiPP knew their customers were very active on social media and wanted to develop a social strategy that would inform and support their customers and their partners through all the stages involved in becoming a new parent.

They asked us to:

  • Plan and implement a strategic Social Media plan which would increase engagement and provide valuable information to their customers.
  • Tie up monthly social media reporting with other media reporting to give their team full line of sight of the progress being made.

HiPP had a forum on their website they were not particularly happy with and wanted to fully utilise social media to reach their customers. Analysis showed that Facebook and Twitter were heavily used by a large proportion of the young mothers and fathers that made up their target market and that they were very active in both channels.

We launched a plan designed to build the audience for HiPP in Facebook and Twitter, increase conversation, discussion and brand advocacy on everything from pregnancy to weaning, and drive customers to resources on site. The role of each social media platform in the overall strategy was defined through analysis of the HiPP customer base and their use of social channels. Individual channel strategies were developed for each platform with full content strategies for the first 6 months. HiPP branding on Facebook and Twitter was re-designed and implemented.

All social media engagement ideas were designed to complement all other marketing activity, and reflect HiPP’s brand values.  These included a ‘Face of HiPP’ competition which ran monthly through Facebook to encourage customers to share their photos of their babies enjoying HiPP products and a Facebook tab to host ‘Expert’s Clinics’ featuring the HiPP midwife, nutritionist and health visitor in an hour long live web chat once a week to answer customer questions.  Also, YouTube was used to encourage customers to create videos and share their own content on themes such as showing their children enjoying HiPP products, or Dads demonstrating their favourite child care gadgets. These videos were shared across all social platforms, encouraging customers to join in with the HiPP conversations.

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