equimedia were asked by Grupo Bimbo to take 5 products from several of their brands around the world, and create a microsite to sell the products in the UK and house them under one umbrella, the Little Adventures.

As part of the ‘Little Adventures’ brand launch, they needed a website to not only convey the brand messaging, but act as a portal for customers to contact them. equimedia were tasked with designing and building a microsite that reflected the brand and displayed the products in an interactive and engaging way.

The site was required to comply with the fun, vibrant and family orientated nature of the brand creative, while also being technically advanced enough to report in detail on site engagement, broken down between the five products. An agile solution was required to allow the site to be changed and updated easily going forward.

We created a simple 10-page site that was fully mobile responsive, integrating features such as product selection that filters by country, an interactive map of the world that allowed users to click into different countries for product recommendations, and a contact form that directly linked to the clients CRM system.

To ensure that the client could gain valuable insights, and report on their KPIs in detail, the website was tagged using GTM and we created a bespoke GA (Google Analytics) set up. This allowed the client to report on contact form completes, visits to product pages, and clicks on the buy now buttons within these pages.