Motorcycle Direct (MCD) was founded with the aim of providing bike and scooter insurance solutions, with a commitment to offering the best service at competitive prices to riders in the UK.

MCD was no longer ranking on page 1 of the SERP for key generic search terms such as “motorbike insurance” and “motorcycle insurance”. They were also not engaging their core target audience group of ‘adventurers’.

The ‘adventurers’ are their most profitable customer segment as they tend to purchase more policy add-ons. It was therefore vital that MCD started to create engaging website and social content to appeal to this key audience, grow engagement, social citations and advocacy, to boost rankings.

The Isle of Man Senior TT race is an annual motorcycle road race that takes place during the Isle of Man TT festival. The race attracts male 16-55 ‘adventurers’ with its appeal for thrill seekers so we created an infographic and timeline about the event along with an associated data wrapper. This content was added to MCD’s website and promoted through organic and paid social media to reach target audiences including bikers, professionals, the general public and competitors of the IOM TT. It was also shared with motorbike websites and blogs, and other industry influencers.

The infographic was shared on the IOM TT Facebook page which is a key social network for bikers. This resulted in increased followers and engagement.