Oh, and reduce the cost per response.

Toughbook’s share of the European rugged computer market by revenue was 62.6%; a clear market leader. A good position to be in, but because most people who need a rugged laptop already have one, and because Toughbook’s are so durable they need replacing far less frequently that other laptops, achieving sales growth was a challenge!

We applied our experience of B2C campaigns to the Toughbook challenge; namely the success of combining behavioural, site-specific and contextual targeting and re-targeting in programmatic display advertising with a sophisticated paid search strategy to capitalise on the interest created and drive awareness through related searches.

Meeting the Challenges through Paid Search…

The conventional search campaigns designed to capture brand, product number and generic rugged computing searches needed to be complemented with search campaigns designed to build awareness.

In addition, equimedia had to create new markets, and for the first time paid search was used to do this, alongside programmatic display ads.

Search impression volumes were important to build brand visibility as well as drive site visits. Ad copy was written to highlight the benefits of Toughbook to particular industries or working environments, ensuring the message received was always relevant, and deep linking was used as much as possible to deliver the user to the most relevant page. For example, end users searching on terminology related to specific key industries, computing problems or complementary products such as software were targeted. To reach architects search terms relating to construction computing problems, software such as ‘CAD providers’ and search phrases describing the challenges associated with trying to operate a laptop on a dusty construction site were added to the search account.

The paid search campaign was carefully managed to mitigate problems such as low quality score for awareness building campaigns. Part of this solution was to implement tailored bid strategies optimised discreetly within each individual country market, which allowed search impressions to be maximised even where campaigns may have had low click-through rates.

Complementing Paid search with stimulating digital display…

Rather than purely focusing on buying individual advertising space on specific industry niche sites, programmatic campaigns were developed. By using a combination of different networks to reach vertical markets within each country market and using specific targeting and ongoing optimisation, cost efficiency improved month on month and interest in Toughbook increased.

The strategy targeted the individual prospect, rather than focused on appearing on IT sites, using three targeting techniques:

  1. Behavioural Targeting: targeting specific interest groups
  2. Contextual Targeting: targeting relevant content.
  3. Site targeting through networks.

And augmented with ads Re-Targeting previous site visitors who had not completed a response.

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