Fundamentally the website’s look and feel needed updating, the UX needed to be improved and it needed to perform much better as a sales channel. More visitors, more conversions!

Petplan needed to increase online effectiveness by driving new visitors to the site and ensuring a greater proportion of these visits resulted in conversions to sale.

equimedia tackled the problems armed with the data-led insights needed to improve the effectiveness of Petplan’s digital assets. We redeveloped the website, improved conversion by improving the user journey from interest to sale, rolled out new banner display creative and produced a complementary social media presence.

Through usability testing and analysis, and improving the site look and feel we were able to ensure the journey through the site both engaged users and improved conversion.

In addition to brochureware improvements and with significant time invested in web analytics, wire framing, design, usability and build, we also provided a completely fresh solution to the quote and buy (Q&B) funnel. The new solution delivers a prospective customer seamlessly through to quote and sale by making it an incredibly engaging, yet simple process.  This was an essential element to get right in order to improve the calls to action and maximise conversion.

A custom Google Analytics set up was created by the fully qualified Google Analytics Certified Partners (GACPS) at equimedia. This ensured the accurate collection of data to track results and highlight new opportunities for improvement.

equimedia and Petplan continue to work together to further advance the Petplan website. Mechanisms such as A/B landing page testing and optimization, and usability testing are a core part to the process to improve Petplan’s overall digital strategy.

The focus on customer engagement continued offsite with banner creative that ranges from effective DR messaging through to more engaging creative such as a quote calculator within the display ad that allows data capture.

We also improved the Petplan social media presence by managing cross-channel design through Facebook and Twitter, and implementing YouTube video content through the Petplan channel and integrating it within the main site.

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