equimedia were briefed to grow the number of new RSPB members whilst driving down the cost per membership.

The RSPB multi-channel membership recruitment campaign finds new members through a combination of paid search to convert interest, and display advertising to generate interest and deliver audience reach.

Using a combination of programmatic media buys (via Kaizen digital trading our agency trading desk) and paid social platform campaigns, the display ads raise awareness through precise targeting in cold prospecting activity and dynamic re-targeting to prompt a membership purchase.

Paid search campaigns aligned with the creative messages used in the display campaign also work hard to convert interest to paid memberships. This approach means we reach the right audiences, at the right time, in the right environment and win new members at the right price, delivering cost efficient membership growth!

The transparency of the reporting provided by our bespoke software, equiEDGE, allowed us to show the RSPB exactly what worked best, identify opportunities, devise new tests and exploit the media budget to achieve maximum return on investment.

Through a combination of:

  • Channel attribution data analysis to spot new opportunities and understand how to drive up Return on Investment
  • A rigorous control, test and learn approach to optimising programmatic media buys and creative use
  • Introducing new techniques such as TV synch ads, which enable us to synchronise digital ads in real time with RSPB TV ads being aired to capitalise on dual screening behaviour and specific mobile ad formats
  • Highly targeted paid social campaigns that included re-targeting
  • PPC campaigns used to test the best converting creative messages quickly, and that reflected the display and TV ad messages

all client targets were exceeded!

Result. A happy client.

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