CRM & Single Customer View (SCV)

We can help you grow your business by connecting customer acquisition with intelligent CRM solutions.
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We take time to understand your business and the challenges you face, identifying ways that data, people and technology will be most efficiently and effectively combined to make a big difference to your bottom line.

We are specialists in delivering scalable, powerful, and personal marketing campaigns centred on the customer experience, and we have experience of implementing digital marketing transformation programmes around the world.

  • CRM Assessment
  • Build and Integrate data
  • Data Enhancement and Maintenance
  • Data Discovery and Insight
  • Customer Planning and Orchestration

CRM Assessment

We will work with you to audit and benchmark your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities, to discover how closely they align with and empower your business strategy. This work allows us to understand your current capabilities so that we can work with you to plan the future and realise your brand and corporate ambitions. We identify the untapped potential of your team, their skills and processes, your data quality, analytics, campaign planning, execution, channel integration, reporting and technology to work with you to create the roadmap to ensure that no opportunity is missed.


  • Data architecture and landscape
  • In-house core competency and outsourcing decisioning
  • Marketing technology choices
  • Marketing support partner matrix
  • Organisational structure and skill set assessment

Beyond the audit, we can lead or work with your internal teams or other external partners to build, launch and evolve your CRM and insight-led marketing capabilities.


Build and Integrate data

We demystify data and make it easy for our clients to manage, view and identify their customers and behaviours from all digital and non-digital channels. We blend data and technology to help you identify, formulate and execute strategies to drive long-term customer value, and optimise your most important asset – your customers.


  • Building new customer databases for any volume of data
  • Database migration
  • Integration with varied data sources and systems
  • Right-time data ingestion and output across e-commerce and marketing platforms

We are highly experienced at integrating systems and data and ensuring that your integrated customer information is complete, compliant and available to use when you and your customers need it.


Data Enhancement and Maintenance

With more data sources and structures than ever before, you can quickly find that your data sets are out of date, incorrect and incomplete and underperforming, resulting in costly, inaccurate marketing campaigns and gaps in your customer knowledge.


  • Merging of disparate data sets including 3rd party data
  • Data cleansing (e.g. addresses, movers and deceases)
  • Data quality auditing and reporting
  • 3rd party data value assessments and integration


Data Discovery and Insight

Most brands these days have mountains of data to work with. However, it is the insight that brands derive that can set them apart. Our team of data specialists interrogate your data uncovering actionable insights and our data storyteller bring the data to life to drive insight and improve decision-making. We help you understand what triggers certain customer behaviours and how you can predict actions before they happen.

We take you from hindsight to insight to foresight.


  • Merging of analytical data sets from digital and non-digital sources
  • Customer-based KPI and reporting suites
  • Right time, right context decisioning and modelling.


Customer Planning and Orchestration

To stand out in today’s busy world of communications, the content you deliver must be targeted, relevant and as contextualised as possible. Brand engagement still depends on right message, right customer, right channel, right time. You need to know how and when to contact your customers and how to address their individual situations, preferences and needs.


  • Multi/omni channel and media planning
  • Individual and segment-based customer plans encompassing best next actions
  • Ensuring the customer information and intelligence is available for customer interactions (e.g. support website experience or contact centre dialogues)

We plan based on factors including customers’ value, where they sit in the lifecycle, their buying behaviours, needs and motivations. Armed with this insight we will define clear objectives for acquisition, retention, up or cross-selling campaigns, identifying which customers to invest in for optimum returns.

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Our Work


Aldermore Bank, founded in 2009, had grown quickly but still had ambitious growth targets and wanted to attract more small business customers. We analysed their customer data to build profiles of customer types to help us target these audiences in all digital media campaigns. Overlaying commercial mosaic codes and SIC codes on existing customer records and cross-referencing with Domestic Experian codes we build profiles for SME business decision-makers. This ideal customer insight allowed us to take on and improve their PPC and display campaign targeting, and attribution analysis allowed us to understand the role of each digital channel in their campaigns to deliver outstanding results and the growth in SME customers the client wanted.

181% increase in sales

29% reduction in cost per sale

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