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Segmentation & Targeting

Define your ideal customer by product type to maximise return on marketing investment, with our help. We go deeper, do more to understand who will buy your products. Embrace the opportunity to sell great products to the right people no matter who they are. It’s not just Gen Z and millennials buying online.

We boosted Aldermore Bank's sales by 181% with our segmentation and targeting capabilities. Read the case study here.

AI Targeting Technology

Use AI targeting technologies to target consumers browsing online and in market right now for your product. Hit them with ads in real-time to maximise your sales. Learn from creative tests and targeting successes to constantly improve cost efficiency.

We used Smart Bidding and Smart Shopping for a leading retail newsagent chain to boost their sales and achieve the growth they needed, check out the case study here.

CRO and UX Improvements

Improve your website user journey with the help of our CRO and UX experts to increase sales. It costs money to define, and reach your target customers so make sure your site is easy to use and maximises sales value once you get them there, no matter how unpredictable the times.

We designed and built Hft a 500-page fully responsive site, built to maximise client accessibility and to ensure that the UX was accessible for those with learning disabilities. Read the case study here.

Consistent Messaging

Make sure your messages are consistent across all channels so no matter where your target customers see you, they see the same brand messages. And make sure all channels work effectively together to augment the value of your spend overall. If you’re investing in TV ads, use TV sync to show the same messages to people using screens when watching tv.

For our equine rescue charity client, we used TV Sync to ensure consistent messaging across channels as part of our Paid Search BAU strategy which saw a 21% increase in Conversion Rate. Read the case study here.

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