[Webinar] Masterclass #1: Effective digital marketing in the age of privacy


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Join Ross Britton, COO, equimedia to understand how to design and deliver successful online marketing campaigns in the age of data privacy. 

In 30 mins Ross will take a close look at client's understandable unease as the cookieless future approaches. Topics covered: 

  • How will businesses be impacted by third party cookies being phased out? 
  • How should marketing teams best preapre for the imminent changes?
  • How to develop a roadmap to set you up for success
  • What you can be doing to test and learn now

The session is packed full of invaluable insights and inspiration. You'll walk away with a 10-point checklist to review with your team, which in turn, will inform a solid 90-day First Party Data Strategy and help future-proof campaigns.

If you are wondering how to further develop your plans and would like help to build your First Party Data Strategy please get in touch.


The Expert

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Ross Britton
Chief Operating Officer

Ross has been with equimedia over 7 years and leads business operations and our Digital Experience team. With a broad knowledge and a keen eye for detail, his focus is on delivering outstanding website user experiences, high quality builds, and conversion rate improvements the drive business growth.