[Webinar] Masterclass #4: Why PPC is vital for SEO success


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Join James Gardner, Jamie Prictor and James Corrigan as they discuss the importance of PPC to SEO success, the inter-dependencies between the channels, how AI can help and much more!   

In 30 minute our experts James Gardner, Head of SEO, Jamie Prictor, Head of Paid Search and James Corrigan, Planning Account Director discuss the current state and future trajectory of both PPC and SEO. 

James Corrigan asks the SEM team key questions on how PPC and SEO can support each other, preparing for the demise of 3rd party cookies, and how AI can help SEO. 

The topics covered are: 

  • AI and Machine Learning: the end of PPC and SEO as we know it? 
  • Preparing for the demise of 3rd party cookies: what can you do now?
  • How important is Keyword research to both SEO and PPC? 
  • Maximising optimisations and landing pages to increase performance. 
  • The best way to approach seasonal marketing activities for SEO and PPC. 

If you're responsible for driving digital success this will be 30 mins well spent, as we provide a comprehensive overview of Search Engine Marketing today.  

If you'd like more insight please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you! 


The Expert

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James Gardner
Head of SEO

James is responsible for the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy and delivery. James has extensive experience of most elements of digital marketing both agency side with past clients including Herman Miller, Creed Fragrance, SACO Apartments and Hargreaves Lansdown and client side as Head of SEO at Nationwide Building Society.

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Jamie Prictor
Head Of Paid Search

Jamie started his paid search career at equimedia and returned to us in 2021 after several years working client side. His expertise in Paid Search means our team deliver excellent data driven results harnessing the best technology and AI has to offer. His passion is getting the best out of the technology to drive growth no matter the size, industry or complexity of the client. He is always keen to share his knowledge with his team and his clients and has built a close knit PPC team who always strive to deliver excellence.