UX Developer

A little bit about Jordan Tandy...

Jordan started working life 8 years ago as a Full Stack Developer (In the user interface team) for a well-known engineering firm in the south-west, honing his skills in the Neurological & Dental Division (think brain surgery robots!).

3 years later he switched to working on solely the Front-End side of things, from concept through to designs, through to build. He has worked on many high profile sites such as HMV, YO!, TWININGS, Silverspoon, Debeers and more recently Petplan.

Now he's your friendly neighbourhood UX Developer, ready to make things look pretty and function well!

What I do for fun

My hobbies include Photography, Airsoft, Cars but mostly, my time (and money) is spent on Gaming and Technology, engaging stories and fun gameplay are my jam and I have to have the latest and greatest gadgets to play with.

I'm also a lover of animals, having one dog, four cats and a wife to keep me busy!

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