What Tim does

Tim is responsible for all development at equimedia. This includes client work (websites and creative) and the development of equimedia’s media data tools such as equiEDGE.

Tim’s experience

During his time at equimedia, Tim has designed and managed the creation of an internal bespoke media planning and reporting system for the agency (equiEDGE), using bulk imported daily Google log-level data and combining it with media planning data. He has also managed the creation of attribution and data mining tools long before Google had developed its own attribution solution. For client facing work, Tim has been responsible for the delivery of a wide variety of web related projects, covering most open-source CMS platforms, Social apps and animation tools. Tim’s team specializes in responsive purchase funnel journeys with a particular focus on improving conversion rates.

What time says

“The thing I love most about my job is devising elegant solutions to complex problems that benefit our clients and make our agency more efficient than our competitors”

And by the way…

Outside of work, Tim is a keen musician, classically trained on three instruments and enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children.