Our aim was to understand how charities can sharpen their digital media strategies to increase online donations through their websites.

We used our suite of in-house crawl and market intelligence tools to understand the size of the opportunity for UK charities to improve their websites and increase the number of donations received.

Our research concluded that many charities have failed to keep pace with technology advances, the huge growth in our dependency on online resources and the public’s digital expectations of every organisation. Charities have been slow to capitalise on their supporters’ shift to online donation methods leading to a potential shortfall of millions of pounds worth of donations per year, as over 20% of all UK charity donations in the last 12 months were executed online.

The four main findings were:

  • 42% of charities do not optimise their homepage titles
  • 62% of charity websites have ‘slow’ page load times
  • Over 20% of charities fail to mention ‘donate’ in their homepage copy
  • Over 70% of charities do not have fully responsive homepages

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