As Google continuously tweaks its algorithm in a quest to deliver the best possible organic results for every search, new opportunities have opened up for brands to rank organically.

But how can brands compete with the aggregators and rank well?

Securing top organic positions is crucial for sustaining lead volume without massively increasing investment in paid search. In our latest whitepaper, we re-examine the research we compiled in early 2016 and compare it with new data gathered in December 2016 to see what has changed for the financial services sector. We explore:

  • The latest trends in search results and the new opportunities
  • Brands that were winners and losers during 2016
  • Explain key SEO techniques that can make or break your organic traffic volumes
  • Explain the most effective ways to ensure SEO makes a real difference to your rankings, site traffic and business

Download the paper to learn more and please get in touch if you would like to discuss how we can help you develop a results-driven SEO strategy.