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London's Air Ambulance Charity CRO Roadmap

6 month CRO roadmap delivers 29% increase in eCommerce conversion rate
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Following the successful launch of the new website, and a big increase in the donation funnel conversion rate, it was important we didn't stop there. Continuous conversion rate improvements were an essential part of our collaborative strategy to ensure that all online fundraising work drove as many donations as possible. London's Air Ambulance Charity, along with many other businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic, also needed to ensure that any CRO activity delivered a return-on-investment. This is where we were delighted to help, utilising a number of cost efficient or freely available technologies that delivered the charity insight & growth.

  • Provide 360 degree visibility into the website user journeys
  • Understand our most important user journey routes to donation
  • Setup cost effective ongoing data and user insight collection methods
  • Use these data insights to ideate high impact CRO experiments
  • Prioritise CRO experiments based on user insights, therefore increasing success
  • Run A/B testing through a cost effective tool
  • Ensure high confidence of success before putting winning CRO experiments live
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Our Approach

The first step to any successful CRO strategy is to have a full understanding of the users journey towards your primary conversion goal. For London's Air Ambulance Charity this was the route to donation. We took this important step so we understand where the high volume, high importance and high converting journeys were - this allowed us to pin-point where small conversion improvements could drive a big immediate impact. This was coupled with reviewing the high volume but low converting journeys to see if there were any 'low hanging fruit' to address.

This User Journey Analysis was modelled based on Google Analytics data. This meant no expensive tools or setups, but rather using our in-house bespoke methodology and skills to create this rich visual - segmentable by any number of criteria.

From this we were able to identify our first experiment targets by page, device, channel source and even field. It was at this point we also identified key user journey targets where we wanted to gather further user insight. For this we added heatmapping technology Hotjar on-site using our licence, where we gathered click, scroll, and attention heatmaps - as well as live Session Recordings at key points such as the donation funnel. This provided us with additional behavioural insights - and further CRO experiment ideas.

With a plethora of experiment ideas, all based on solid data and user insight, we then carefully prioritised these using the PIE (Potential, Importance, Ease) framework and began A/B testing immediately using the free Google Optimize tool. Although with limitations, the free Google Optimize tool is ideal for charities to get started with CRO. This was our first steps to building out a 6 month roadmap of experimentation which delivered fantastic results, and was always led by the data, allowing to adapt & be agile where needed.

The grounding in data based decision making continued throughout the initial experimentation phase. We used another free tool, Google Looker Studio, to produce a field by field analysis of the donation funnel. This showed sequential progression by field, and the fields with the highest struggle and validation error rates. This helped pinpoint further areas of improvement.

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The 6 month roadmap proved to be a big success in it's main objective of driving more donations. This was achieved by increasing the donation funnel start to completion rate, improving the quality of the traffic to top of funnel, and also increasing average donation value.

  • Increase in donation funnel traffic
  • Increase in donation funnel start to completion rate
  • Increase in average donation value
  • Individual experiments driving 48% conversion rate improvements
  • Data and user insight lead approach, resulting in greater success!

Off the back of this initial 6 month roadmap, and the fantastic results it delivered, we continue to work collaboratively with the London's Air Ambulance Charity team to deliver conversion rate optiomisation activity.

This continues to be grounded in a solid understanding of on-site user behaviour, feeding experiment ideation, and therefore continues to deliver a high rate of success.

11% increase in traffic to donation funnel

29% increase in donation funnel start to completion rate

Significant increase in donation revenue!

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