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equimedia have a long-standing relationship with Panasonic TOUGHBOOK; the rugged devices business unit within Panasonic Connect’s Mobile Solutions division.

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK wanted to generate cost efficent, high quality leads from the Pharma industry in the UK. Messaging would focus on a free trial of their rugged devices as a hook. We needed to ensure that we would drive interest from the right audience. As the client, said “we don’t want Bob from accounting requesting a box!

  • Generate leads, cost efficiently
  • Target the right job titles in the pharmaceutical industry
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Our Approach

Having previously completed a successful campaign using LinkedIn to target the Pharma industry in the UK, we applied the insights we had gathered to the audience targeting for this campaign. This included audience exclusions to apply from the outset, to ensure the targeting was as refined as possible.We tested both Job Title and Job Function targeting to help reach the audience at scale.

The client provided two messaging approaches; one which was a straight-forward intro to the free trial, and one which used the chatbot functionality to understand the user’s pain point, and deliver relevant messaging based on their response.

With lead generation the main KPI, we wanted to encourage users to navigate through the conversation ad and fill out the LinkedIn lead gen form. There was also the option to go through to a brochure page if they wanted further information, first. Once the campaign was active and we started to gather data, we made several optimisations including:

  • Pausing under-performing creatives
  • Adding new job titles and job functions based on the information from the LinkedIn Demographic report
  • Further audience exclusions to manage delivery to the right audiences
  • Up-weighting budget towards best performing audience targeting


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The campaign over-delivered on leads by 55% with a Cost Per Lead that was 38% lower than forecast. Most importantly, the leads came through from the right audience.

The campaign delivered volume, cost efficiency and quality. This demonstrates how a cohesive approach to audience planning, messaging and optimisations will deliver successful campaigns!

  • 55% over delivery on expected leads
  • 38% lower cost per lead than target

Daniel Creasey, UK Marketing Manager at Panasonic TOUGHBOOK

“I’m really happy with the results, the companies from the leads are great and the volume is brilliant.”

55% over delivery on lead volume

38% cheaper cost per lead than target

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