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"Wood" SEM (PPC & SEO) campaign boost log cabin leads?

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Norwegian Log design, supply and erect Scandinavian-style residential log cabin homes, home offices and granny annexes. They are the market leader after 30 years ago pioneering the legal case that enabled these transportable log cabins to be installed without the need for planning permission in most cases.

They use natural resources responsibly with all logging accompanied by a comprehensive replanting programme which has seen more trees planted than have been harvested.

Whilst they already had an attractive website with strong organic rankings for core terms, Norwegian Log wanted equimedia to generate more qualified leads from their marketing budget by...

  • Making their Google Ads budget work harder
  • Increasing organic traffic through higher site rankings
  • Increasing conversion rates of the website
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Our Approach

We started by testing organic landing page optimisations using paid search traffic volume to gather robust data quickly. This was done by creating new paid search landing pages for two key product sectors, optimising the page by making changes to...

  • Improve the ‘scan-ability’ of the page
  • Highlight the brands credibility as market leader
  • Hero images (exterior v interior photos) and moving the most popular content higher up the page
  • Expand the answers for the most popular FAQs
  • Meta title and descriptions aligned with highest CTR Google Ads


Each of these changes was tested using an A/B split test process driving pay per click (PPC) traffic to the organic landing page (“A”) and the newly built landing page (“B”). Our A/B testing resulted in a lower cost per click (CPC) due to the higher quality score and higher conversion rate of the new, optimised landing page.

Once we confirmed the small optimisations were resulting in an increase in conversions, we migrated those changes to the organic page which is now live on the Norwegian Log website. These optimisations drove higher rankings because a page that converts well will generally rank well because of how it satisfies the visitor’s ‘search intent’.

Alongside these optimisations to the Norwegian Log website, we also launched a PPC Google Display ad campaign with the goal of increasing the volume of relevant site visitors cost-effectively.

We targeted audiences with similar interests to current site visitors to increase reach. We also actively re-targeted previous site visitors who had not completed an action on site as a log cabin is such a big purchase, there will be a long consideration period, so reminding previous visitors to the site encourages re-consideration.

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In 3 short months we had a big impact across both SEO & PPC, largely due to the joined up approach between the two teams, and the continued collaborative approach with the client.

  • SEO - The average ranking position has increased from #5 to # 3. 
  • SEO - Increased traffic to the organic landing pages by 26%
  • SEO - New site users increased by 32%
  • SEO - Overall site conversion rate increased by 3%
  • PPC - Cost Per Click reduced by 52%
  • PPC- Double the clicks for only 20% increase in budget
  • PPC - Increased the number of conversions by 150%

Ed Taylor, MD of Norwegian Log:

“We’ve been thoroughly impressed by the professional approach of the Equimedia team from very first contact. Their depth of expertise and use of systematic A/B testing combined with taking the time to understand our business is already delivering tangible results.”

150% increase in the number of PPC conversions

Double the PPC clicks for only 20% increase in budget

26% increase in SEO traffic to the organic landing pages

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