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The distinction between paid and organic search is becoming increasingly blurred. We can assist you in adopting a comprehensive search strategy to ensure your customers access the content they seek, regardless of its position or format on the search engine results page. Employing data-driven strategies will empower you to effectively allocate resources and investments in response to the dynamic nature of the landscape.
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With paid search becoming easier to set up but harder to manager, it’s even more important to have an expert managing your accounts. With the huge increase in the use of AI in paid search it’s not enough to leave all the decision to AI – you need to decide which features to use, and in what way, to maximise efficiency and deliver the results you need. Only humans have the imagination and empathy to fully understand what customers need, so humans need to direct the power of AI by setting the testing goals and objectives for the AI engines.

We are paid search experts providing:

  • Google Ads Account Audit
  • Google Ads Account Restructure
  • PPC Strategy
  • Smart Bidding campaigns
  • Responsive Search Ads
  • Brand Awareness campaigns
  • Demand Gen campaigns
  • Performance Max campaigns
  • LTV Bidding
  • SA360 optimisation
  • Microsoft Ads optimisation

You now have a variety of campaigns available that will do a lot of the heavy lifting, so effective paid search is now much more than just keywords and ad copy. In 2024, search engines and Generative AI will merge creating the biggest change to the search landscape we've experienced.

Now it’s more important than ever to focus on the aspects of your campaigns that help make paid search one of the most successful marketing channels. We work very closely with other departments to make sure you get the best results possible overall.

It’s crucial that the following aspects of your campaigns are considered alongside your Google Ads account optimisation:

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimisation

Having a bad landing page experience can instantly ruin your paid search; you do the hard work of getting people your website for them to leave straight away. Making sure you have the best possible landing page experience can really increase your paid search effectiveness. Conversion Rate Optimisation experiments can ensure your landing pages live up to expectations. 

Running experiments need not be complex; using Google Ad Experiments (part of every Google Ads account) is free and allows you to split traffic between two landing page variants. Results can be obtained relatively quickly and benefit both paid search and organic search landing pages.

SEO, CRO and PPC are inseparable and should not be optimised in isolation of each other.  

Setting up for the cookieless future, Enhanced Conversions & Consent Mode

With the changes coming to third party cookies in 2024, you need to make sure you can still track your activity and make decisions based on data. Our Ad Ops team can make sure you have everything set up correctly, so you are not left behind.

First party data strategy

To prepare for the cookieless future, now is the time to get your first party data strategy ironed out. Having this strategy in place will allow you to more confidently segment customers and prospects into groups and create highly targeted campaigns based on the data.

This is the first step to devising full funnel campaigns that will guide your prospective customers through their purchase journey and maximise campaign results overall. Our work with Norwegian Log Buildings is a good example of full funnel campaigns exceeding expectations.

Video campaigns are becoming the ‘norm’

With the rise of Performance Max campaigns and now Demand Gen there is a need for PPC video creative more than ever before. Have you got your creative ready? If not, you are going to need it to run successful Demand Gen and Performance Max campaigns!

Account audit

Are you feeling a bit unsure on where to go from here? Or do you just want to have someone sense check that everything looks okay?

We have been conducting free account audits to make sure our clients are set up for the cookieless future. If you would like one of these, please do get in touch! 

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Our Work

Hangloose Adventure logo

Hangloose Adventure provide adventure experiences at the Eden Project and Bluewater. Hangloose wanted to boost bookings for adventure days out by offering 20% off bookings for all activities during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period. We created specific Black Friday campaigns designed to create urgency and drive sales.

The campaigns helped Hangloose meet their revenue per day targets with paid search delivering 30% of revenues with a ROI of 1800%. 

ROI of 1800%

31% increase in spend delivered 149% increase in bookings

and 153% increase in revenue

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