equimedia’s Kaizen trading desk ensures our clients have access to the most innovative digital display mechanism to reach their target audience cost effectively.

What is a demand side platform (DSP)?

A demand side platform (DSP) is a tool for advertisers to allow them to trade across ad exchanges and other ad platforms at a lower cost than can be achieved through individual site buys. DSPs enable display ad trading through a live auction for ad space on a broad selection of sites, placements and to reach disparate audiences. Much of this is done in ‘real time’, otherwise known as real-time bidding (RTB). A DSP can be used to target display with great precision and at low cost. Kaizen uses a range of targeting methods to reach the right audience including;

  • Behavioural (3rd party data); enabling targeting of users based on thousands of custom audience segments from providers such as bluekai, eXelate, Captify and Bizo
  • Contextual and site targeting; page level or site level targeting based on the context of the page or site being viewed by the user
  • Retargeting (1st party data); utilising advertiser site data to convert users to purchase

Real-time bidding (RTB)

Real-time bidding is a buying technique which allows advertisers to purchase ad impressions at the moment they are served. When an ad impression is called by a user’s browser, advertisers, who wish to purchase the space based on pre-defined targeting, are entered into an auction and the impression is given to the highest bidder.

RTB is powered by faster computing power and technology that enables millions of impressions to be bought in real time with a targeted ad being delivered to the user within the blink of an eye. RTB benefits are:

  • Impressions bought are only those which fit within defined targeting
  • You pay the true value of each ad impression based on the value each targeting segment delivers against your KPIs
  • Campaigns are optimised throughout the duration of a campaign to maximise conversion and return on investment

Click image to enlarge The equimedia Kaizen platform epitomises our philosophy of continuous improvement through results analysis and optimisation. 

Our industry leading trading desk experts work hand in hand with our media planning and buying teams so that all opportunities uncovered in the RTB campaigns can be shared and applied to other media channels. This agility means we maximise the ROI generated for our clients by media campaigns as a whole, harnessing the ability of ad exchange, real-time bidding and all other media channels to reach targeted audiences efficiently.

The Kaizen trading desk team continuously measure and optimise campaigns based on their direct response value and the impact they have on all digital media channels.

To maximise the returns from your online marketing budget using the agility and expertise of our trading desk and media planning teams, contact us today.