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Boost your profitable ecommerce sales using equimedia’s innovative and proprietary retail data feed management system.

Allowing you to control search bids by the availability of product and profit margin, Feedstream takes a regular client data feed that features product availability and price, and splits all products into tiers by profit margin, genre or product type. This information is then used to design and upload campaigns for in stock items at PPC bid rates that produce profitable sales.

The Feedstream platform matches spend to the client’s required profit ensuring that each sale delivered is profitable and marketing spend is optimised. Run in tandem with generic PPC campaigns optimised by our paid search specialists, campaigns are expanded to consistently drive sales volumes that deliver great ROI.

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Perfect for ecommerce clients, Feedstream also delivers excellent results across other sectors, particularly where there is a product optimisation opportunity, such as the travel sector. The platform is set up to be incredibly adaptable for a variety of inputs, including weather triggers, and we are always identifying new data variables to incorporate to inform campaign optimisation.


The rules engine can be made as simple or as complex as is necessary. At its most basic it converts a client product feed into the necessary formats for a variety of outputs.

More sophisticated rules can then be applied, including:

  • Reducing budget wastage by filtering products and only spending in ads where items are in stock
  • Automatically generating optimised keyword rich copy to improve conversion
  • Showing updated, correct price information in order to improve conversion
  • Focusing budget and bid levels on products that are more profitable to optimise ROI


Much of the value in Feedstream is through the optimisation of product led PPC activity. However, additional value can be gained by taking advantage of media other than Google AdWords. Other outputs include Bing, Google shopping, affiliate networks, Kelkoo, ebay, Facebook and dynamic display ads. We are always keen to hear from clients who have a challenge for us to use the platform in a new marketplace so we see how they might benefit from the power of Feedstream optimisation.

All activity is tracked using a combination of Google Analytics, DoubleClick and other tracking platforms. This enables a feedback loop of performance to enable Feedstream to continually seek the best possible optimisation set up.

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