29th May 2024

The Google algorithm information leak unpacked

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James Gardner
Head of SEO
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It appears that Google accidently published some key elements of it search algorithm on GitHub.  

This gives us some very interesting insights into the ingredients that Google uses (but importantly not the quantities of these ingredients nor the recipe). 

A few noteworthy ingredients identified from this leak have been a core part of the equimedia SEO philosophy which we have developed from empirical results over the past decade.

User experience

Whist Google has long denied using user experience, it measures so-called successful clicks.  Our tests have shown that increasing the conversion rate improves ranking.   

Freshness of content

Google holds every published revision of your indexed web pages.  This is a huge costly resource, so must be important for Google to know if any meaningful changes are made to keep them up to date. 

Quality links as trust signals

Links continue to matter because they are a trust factor for a valuable piece of content.  Relevance and authority are key. Google has a metric called ‘type’ for link quality with high, medium and low values. 

Google sandbox

Brand new sites nearly always take longer to rank compared with new content on an established site.  This is colloquially known as Google’s sandbox, something Google has long denied exists. However, this leak shows that it holds metrics for the age of a host.


The most important take away is the value of brand.  Brand can only be built up by a business repeatedly and successfully delivering to their customers.  It is not surprising that Google want to reward this. Google measures the strength of a website’s home page and has a demotion metric for poor user reviews that indicate user dissatisfaction. 

This leak is raising a lot of heat and noise in SEOland, however it further re-enforces that identifying the highest quality, most relevant content for a searcher remains incredibly difficult.  Indeed, Google has been working on this since their founders’ famous 1998 PhD paper.  It does seem that the huge corporation that is now Google is struggling with the pace of change and challenges from AI new starters.

There is nothing in this leak that contradicts Google’s promotion of Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust (EEAT). Our advice remains the same. Focus on:

  • creating content that aspires to be the best on the web for your target audience.
  • curating and updating your website’s main content above supplementary content such as guides and blogs.
  • attracting links and social shares from partners and authority sites highly relevant to your prospective audience.
  • asking your customers to leave reviews.

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