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Shaken, Not Stirred: A Strategy to Drive Growth in the No/Low Alcohol Drinks Market

Wed 5/18/2022
What we cover:
  • Exploration of current market opportunities
  • Our top 4 tips for a successful brand launch and growing online sales
  • Product positioning
  • Niche audience definition
  • Build relationships and align search strategies
  • Develop routes to market
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There’s been an explosion of new no/low alcohol drinks on the market in the past couple of years but gaining visibility and sales can be hard for brands competing with large brands with deep pockets. Simply launching your product without the right planning won’t achieve the cut through and sales you might hope for, so what can you do?

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About the author

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Paul Wojciak
Senior Planning Analyst

In his time at equimedia Paul has worked across a number of our key client verticals and a variety of data projects including Audience and Persona development, Attributional Analysis, Bespoke Client Reporting solutions and Web Experience and Site Flow analytics.