Analytics & Insight

Analytics experts and so much more – we turn your data into valuable and actionable insights - fast.

Exploit data, technology and innovation to deliver insight and enhanced customer value.

Our investment in expert people and analytics technology means we can integrate vast amounts of data from multiple sources and unlock the key opportunities, quickly.

Planning, targeting and optimising campaigns to exploit the opportunities discovered ensures we achieve positive ROI quickly, achieve greater sales volumes overall and recruit new customers cost efficiently so the overall return on our clients’ marketing budget is greater.

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Audience analysis

We use our clients’ customer data to understand who their best customers are, their geo-demographic characteristics, their attitudes to digital, buying habits, media channel preferences and typical media consumption patterns. We create the customer insights using Mosaic classification and TGI data to understand who to target and where, and overlay market insights from client data and market commentators such as Mintel, and social media monitoring tools such as Brandwatch.

Then we overlay performance data from campaigns, including messaging performance by customer segment, which results in a decision making toolkit that boosts our targeting efficiency so our channel planning, media selections, programmatic campaign set ups and techniques, re-targeting techniques and paid search campaigns are the best they can be.

Customer interaction data and profiling insights inform everything we do from media planning and campaign targeting to landing page creation, content development and social media campaigns. In short we know how to get the best out of all the data our clients generate.

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Campaign analytics – meet ERIC

Unlike other agencies, we have developed our own software to store and analyse campaign data from multiple sources, at speed. We call our software ERIC – (equimedia Reporting Information Centre) a simple name for a complex data warehousing software.

Understanding how marketing channels are performing, often through pulling together manually collated spreadsheets, can be a time-consuming problem for other agencies and clients who want quick access to campaign performance. That is why we decided to create ERIC, our planning, forecasting, buying and reporting platform.

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Our teams use ERIC to plan campaigns, provide bespoke reporting, monitor budget deployment and store every impression, click and interaction generated by every campaign. We can overlay offline media spends and results, weather data and client conversion and sale value results to look for cross channel and external response influences and understand more about where valuable customers come from.

Our teams use ERIC’s data cube to slice and dice your campaign data quickly and over whatever time period required, so that we spot valuable trends and opportunities that other agencies might miss. ERIC delivers all our clients’ data to our teams at speed so they spend more time optimising your campaigns than other agencies. Coupled with detailed reporting from other software such as AdWords, DCM, attribution mapping tools, Google Analytics, call tracking software and client site analytics tool kits ERIC enables us to provide market beating campaign planning and performance and a competitive advantage for our clients.

Website Conversion Analysis

Combining our technical expertise in Google Analytics with our website design and build experience we approach website improvement from a non-technical, user experience perspective. Through analysis and interpretation of the user journey data we provide data driven insights and site optimisation strategies that deliver improved conversion and increased ROI.

Google Analytics Consultancy

Google Analytics is a powerful tool providing website use and conversion stats, landing page performance and engagement data and the capacity for advanced data segmentation, custom reporting, demographic data, re-targeting lists and multi-channel funnels analysis. As GA Certified Partners we can help you:

  • Implement and customise Google Analytics for a best practice setup whether you operate in one or multiple territories
  • Help you to define your KPIs and monetise your goals
  • Report on content performance in a simplified format using content groupings
  • Educate and train teams to use Google Analytics efficiently and effectively
  • Provide insights - build the hypothesis and test (A/B or multivariate) in order to drive improvement in anything from content development to campaign performance

Our analytics experts will work with you to determine the best set up so that you can access valuable insights that aid business planning and lead to changes to your website and online marketing that deliver real improvements in results.

Media Mix Modelling

Path to conversion analysis provides limited insight. Statistical analysis of the real impact of placements on the media mix through ' influence modelling' can enable far greater optimisation of campaign activity. Our team of data miners is constantly identifying these opportunities on behalf of our clients.

This graph below shows a real example of the effect of our systematic approach to streamlining the whole of one clients’ marketing mix ensuring that all channels work together in harmony and that the overall campaign is worth far more than the sum of its parts.

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Please get in touch to find out more about how we can help you understand your data and gain valuable insights to fuel further marketing success.