Content Marketing

The right content will get you noticed and remembered.

We help brands to plan, create and distribute valuable content online designed to engage a clearly defined audience.

A great visual will be able to pull the visitor in, but only valuable content will hold their interest and make them come back for more. And every time they do come back it’s another opportunity for you to build on your relationship with them, and another opportunity to make sure they remember you when they’re ready to buy.

The truth is content marketing is about more than just storytelling. It also needs to resonate with your target audience, inspire them to take action, offer value and perform. We make sure that our content delivers our clients’ key performance goals, whether that’s to increase visits and engagement, build brand awareness, attract customers, build trust or improve SEO visibility.

We believe that our data driven approach is the key to our success. We know how to pull out the major insights so that every idea is relevant and unique to your target audience.

Our team of copywriters, PR and SEO specialists will work with you to reach your content goal. Here’s how…

Content Strategy

We would never jump straight into writing and producing content without first agreeing on the strategy. How else can we be sure that we are delivering the most appropriate content, designed to meet your brand’s needs and aspirations, with a clear measurement of success?

We start with the basics, and that usually begins with a content workshop – defining your business objectives, what differentiates you from the rest of the market and how you are perceived as a brand. We will also carry out audience profiling so that we understand the personas that best represent your audience.

Our research doesn’t stop there. We will also look at the main influencers that you should be engaging with as well as the keywords that should form the basis of your content strategy. Keyword research not only benefits SEO visibility, it also defines what topic areas to cover in order to attract relevant users to your site.

Idea Generation

Based on our insights, we create content that will appeal to your audience. Depending on your needs, we can produce foundation pages that will improve the customer journey, or campaigns that get shares and links.

At the very beginning, we’ll carry out a content audit of your site to determine which pages need reworking and if there any gaps or opportunities. We generally advise running with a mix of both newsworthy and evergreen content to get the most out of your marketing strategy.

We use various tools to track the key topics that are trending in your industry while interpreting the conversations that are taking place across social media from your customers, influencers and competitors. Inspiration comes from these insights and our detailed understanding of what is technically possible on the site, while always keeping in mind your brand messaging.

Content Creation

We’re no strangers to creating content for both B2B and B2C clients. We’ve designed and produced Infographics, microsites, whitepapers, blog posts, web copy, videos and reportage pieces which are all worth sharing, and will ultimately enhance SEO, enlighten or entertain.

We can even help produce your editorial calendar so that you are never short of ideas.

Content Amplification

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear, does it make a sound?

This question is more relevant to content marketing than you might think. Any piece of content can fall by the wayside if it not visible. The key to a successful campaign often hinges on how well it is amplified.

Part of this process is to produce content that can be shared across social platforms, creating meaningful dialogue around your brand and valuable social citations. We also incorporate paid media into the marketing mix.

To get the best out of a campaign, we know that shares and links are the ultimate goal. We don’t buy links or call on our blogger network, we take a tailored approach to Influencer marketing and distribute stories to key influencers relevant to the audience.

Content Measurement

We never rest on our laurels. We’re continually measuring the results of our clients’ content, and we have various tools at our disposal, which help inform how we optimise each campaign, track success and gather insight for future content development. We listen to what your audience and influencers are telling us so that we always achieve the best results.

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