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The equimedia “conversion review and improvement programme” encompasses a thorough and detailed step by step analysis of current website performance, and then implementation of techniques ranging from expert reviews and user testing, to website analytics, behavioural analysis and UX design analysis. Each element leads to specific recommendations for improving the conversion of your website traffic to deliver greater returns overall.

Qualitative Review

Audience analysis:

Leveraging the strengths of our direct marketing and data heritage, we thrive on analysing existing customer data to better understand who they are, which the most profitable segments are, and what opportunities are being missed. Following this, we produce pen portraits or personas of the key audience segments to target, and provide customer motivation insight which facilitates conversion analysis.

Expert review:

Also referred to as “cognitive walkthroughs”, our conversion specialists consider your website from the perspective of each of the pen portraits and seek out any opportunities for converting them more effectively. We take a page by page, field by field approach to the core user journey and identify all possible improvements. The output is a detailed document including screen grabs of every page on the journey with key strengths and opportunities highlighted on each.

User testing:

Using an online panel of typical web users is a cost effective way to supplement other aspects of the conversion review. We provide each with a specific brief to travel through the website along the selected user journey. Each tester records their journey and commentates as they go, giving you a clear understanding of their thought processes. The end result is 5 to 10 videos lasting c. 15 minutes, which once analysed, provides additional insight helping to uncover opportunities for website improvements.

Usability testing:

For a more detailed view we work closely with a specialist company who conduct usability testing. They recruit testers from within the pre-defined target audience profile. The testers then sit alongside a specialist usability expert who watches them closely (with as little guidance as possible) as they visit your site and pass along the user journey. The sessions are then followed up with a 2-hour workshop to discuss the findings following which a summary document of recommendations is produced.

Website analytics analysis:

An in-depth analysis of your  Google Analytics or other web analytics data is an essential part of any conversion review. This process enables us to understand how visitors move through the existing funnel, which pages effectively convert traffic, where the drop-off pages are and what the most effective journey through the funnel is.

A/B and multivariate testing:

How better to understand the most effective way to improve conversion on your website than to create control, test and learn scenarios? These projects can vary from simply testing the most effective landing page message, through to full scale automated website optimisation.

Onsite behavioural analysis:

Using a combination of the latest website analytics and optimisation tools we can go beyond standard multivariate testing. By analysing and aggregating visitor behaviour into different segments we are able to create a more detailed understanding of your website visitors. This also empowers you to target and communicate to prospective customers more effectively both on and offsite.

User Experience (UX design)

Information Architecture:

A website with good information architecture allows visitors to find exactly what they are looking for without needing to think about it. Investing time in mapping your website structure and the way it should be joined together through the navigation is critical. We can help you define what the most effective information architecture should be for your website and provide you with documentation for designers and developers to easily follow.

Wire Framing:

Following an expert review and discussion with our client, we can produce wireframes to specify the critical content, navigation and layout of the required pages. These lay out in detail how the navigation is structured, where all fields should be positioned, how each page should be laid out, how the journey should be sign posted, what help text should appear, what validation should be used, etc. We can provide this service simply for landing pages or all the way through to total website wire framing.


Once wireframes are produced, we can then consider  the design. We take a user-centric approach to this and distill the pen portraits, expert reviews, information architecture and wireframes together with the business requirements into a clear and concise brief for the designers. Our experienced design team can work within strict brand guidelines and templates or create unique, cutting edge concepts dependent on the requirement. Whether you are looking for production of a single page or designs of each page across the website, we can provide creative and cost efficient design solutions.

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