Real Time Bidding and Our DSP

Real-time bidding (RTB) is a buying technique which allows advertisers to buy ad impressions at the moment they are served. Kaizen digital trading, our own DSP (Demand Side Platform), is the tool that enables us to do this and ensure your campaign is optimised throughout its life to maximise conversion and return on investment.

Other RTB benefits are you only buy impressions which fit within defined audience targets and you pay the true value of each ad impression based on the value each target segment can delivers against your KPIs.

The Kaizen digital trading desk, which combines the power of the algorithm and the trained human brain, ensures our clients have access to the most innovative digital display mechanism and reach their target audience cost effectively.

The Kaizen digital trading platform epitomises our philosophy of continuous improvement through results analysis and optimisation. Our trading desk experts work hand in hand with our media planning and buying teams so that all opportunities uncovered in the RTB campaigns are shared and applied to other media channels. This agility means we maximise the ROI generated for our clients.

To maximise the returns from your online marketing budget using the agility and expertise of our trading desk and media planning teams,  contact us today.