Influencer Marketing

The power of credibility

With more and more content added to the web every day, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get your audience’s attention. Harnessing the credibility of someone your audience knows and trusts can be a vital asset for you in amplifying your content.

We’ve developed a tried and trusted method for finding the best influencers within your niche looking well beyond the obvious. It’s not just about how many social followers the influencer has; their site also needs to be relevant, regularly updated and a showcase for their expertise.

We take a tailored approach to every campaign and offer a full range of PR services to suit your needs. Here are some of the ways that we can help make sure your content reaches its full potential.

Influencer Research

We identify relevant authors and sites and target those who are most likely to have influence over your audience. Once we’ve identified these influencers, we’ll monitor their channels to see what they are writing about and what type of content interests them. Influencers love to feel valued and it means we can create content that is suitable to them. The more we can understand about them, the more likely it is that we’ll create content they will want to share with their audiences.

Influencer Outreach

As well as access to various journalist and blogger databases we draw upon our extensive list of media contacts to create a bespoke outreach list to craft an effective campaign that receives regional or national coverage, or both. The entire outreach process is managed so that we build sensitive relationships with bloggers and journalists which we maintain over time.

Public Relations

As well as writing compelling press releases, we can also engage your audience with unique and unusual insights. We know what is most likely to achieve links and shares, and what will boost your SEO visibility.

Content Measurement

We will always set clear objectives for content we develop for our clients; identifying the role each piece needs to play and so defining what success looks like for content performance and influencer engagement.

Blogger Network Management

We work tirelessly to ensure each piece of content reaches its full potential, and build your blogger network so that your relationship works well for you, and them. We are sensitive to your bloggers needs; we nurture the relationship with them and only share content that their audiences will find interesting or inspiring.

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