Influencer Marketing

The key to fulfilling the potential of your content

We help brands amplify their content strategy through influencer marketing. Learn how to connect your brand with digital influencers today.

You’ve been creating content. That’s great. Only the question is – who is actually reading it? It’s all too easy to think that if you produce regular content, your audience will find it. The truth is, with more and more content added to the web every day, there is a lot vying for your audience’s attention. Users want to be inspired, educated or entertained and the best way they can find this valuable information is from those they trust. It may sound obvious, but the more credible the author, the more likely others will listen and act on their ideas and opinions.

As a full service digital agency, we take a different approach when it comes to amplifying content. We never overlook the importance of SEO, even during content outreach. We’ve developed a tried and trusted method for finding the best influencers within your niche and look beyond the obvious. It’s not just about how many social followers the influencer has; their site also needs to be relevant, regularly updated and a showcase for their expertise.

We take a tailored approach to every campaign and offer a full range of PR services to suit your needs. Here are just some of the ways that we can help make sure your content reaches its full potential.

Influencer Research

Great content needs to be seen and one of the best ways to achieve this is through influencer outreach. By identifying the top authors and sites, your content stands a better chance of success and reaching a wider audience. We’d never take a blanket approach to PR, instead we target those who are most likely to have influence and impact over your audience. We follow the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) code of conduct, which promotes ethical principles in influencer marketing. We have a deep understanding of the key influencers within each sector and how they measure up in terms of reach, brand affinity, popularity, authority and other key metrics.

Once we’ve identified these influencers, we’ll then set to work monitoring their channels to see what they are writing about and what type of content interests them. Influencers love to feel valued and it means we can create content that is suitable to them. The more we can understand about what makes them tick, the more likely it is that we’ll create content they will be eager to share with their audiences.

Influencer Outreach

We have access to various journalist and blogger databases and draw upon our extensive list of media contacts to create a bespoke outreach list. Regardless of industry, we can utilise our expertise to help craft an effective campaign that receives regional or national coverage, or both.

We only ever build natural links and work hard to ensure that each campaign performs to the best of its abilities. We’re constantly measuring and tracking the success of our content and will look for ways to tailor the content depending on the publication’s needs.

The entire outreach process is managed so that we not only build relationships with select bloggers and journalists but we also maintain these over time. This is key to our success.

Public Relations

Not only do we craft compelling press releases, we also know how to hook your audience with unique and unusual insights. Whether we use your own data, commission a survey or quote an industry expert, we know what is most likely to achieve links and shares.

We focus on high quality, relevant third party links and citations, which will boost your SEO visibility and expand your online community. As part of the PR strategy, we might also recommend partnering with a particular influencer who is willing to create and share content related to your brand.

Influencer marketing is one strand of an integrated, cross platform content strategy designed to build and accelerate an online presence. Social media plays a key role in amplifying your content and we’ll work with you to produce a social posting calendar that will help to engage your audience and their influencers throughout the campaign. Paid amplification works hand-in-hand with PR, often incorporating different forms of advertising such as paid social, display advertising and PPC.

Content Measurement

We will always set clear objectives for content we develop for our clients; identifying the role each piece needs to play and therefore how we will measure success. In addition to measuring the overall performance of the content we monitor the level of engagement from the influencers, and modify our approach based on the feedback we receive.

Relationship Management

We work tirelessly to ensure each piece of content reaches its full potential, contacting bloggers and journalists in number of different ways. But we are sensitive to their requests and only share content that their audiences will find interesting or inspiring. We see our relationships with bloggers and journalists as win-win, and we believe this is vital to the ongoing and long-term success of your content.

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