Media Planning & Buying

We simplify the complex to create great campaigns, balancing performance with innovation and consistently outperform the market to deliver significant value for clients.

Innovative and performance led campaigns putting you in front of the right audience at the right time.

The complexity of the media landscape, the rapid growth of mobile, technology and social media activity offers enormous challenges and opportunities for any brand. It is our role to help our client’s successfully navigate the opportunities and create campaigns that deliver great ROI across all platforms and channels.

With a direct marketing heritage, extensive digital and analytics expertise and a programmatic trading desk fully integrated into our media planning and buying team we are expert at putting clients’ aims and their target audience at the centre of  our strategies; we deliver innovative and successful cross channel, device specific, multi-placement integrated marketing campaigns in more than 20 countries around the world.

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Display campaigns

Renowned for delivering high impact brand and direct response display campaigns, we advise clients on how best to engage their audience through great creative and the right placement mix on mobile devices or desktop. The real benefit is in delivering increased reach through the most appropriate mix of channels, re-targeting strategy, placements, ad frequency and viewability, and our evaluation metrics are focused on the resulting impact on website traffic and uplift in brand searches.

We constantly find new and innovative ways to reach diverse and fragmented audiences through niche buys, email campaigns, lead generation solutions and paid social media activity for instance, and push the boundaries with device bespoke creative and media solutions, to exceed client expectations.

Real-time bidding display campaigns

equimedia is expert at delivering great audience centric, real-time bidding media campaigns that harness the power of audience analysis and customer behaviour through best in class targeting, re-targeting, optimisation and creative techniques, delivering the right messages to the right people at the right time to achieve a greater return on investment.

The combined power of our  analytics tool kits and our experienced optimisation teams ensures we don’t rely solely on algorithm based optimisation. Instead, we provide excellent campaign targeting set up and ongoing results analysis and optimisation led by humans which super-charges the basic skills the algorithm’s provide so our campaigns reach positive ROI faster and deliver more value overall.

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We optimise our clients’ use of standard, video, mobile specific and rich media formats to balance performance and innovation to benefit sales volumes and enhance brand values. Our analysis toolkit delivers last click and attribution analysis so the impact of all media channels working together is fully understood and all campaigns are optimised to deliver increasing ROI.

Affiliate marketing

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Our expertise means we have great partnerships with both niche and super affiliates to create bespoke plans that drive sales cost efficiently. We understand that every affiliate campaign is different, so plans are tailored and campaigns managed on behalf of our clients to deliver results that matter.

Importantly, we recognise the broader marketing impacts and manage and optimise affiliate programmes to ensure they successfully integrate with all other marketing activity and deliver new customers cost efficiently.

Display trading platform - Kaizen

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Kaizen, equimedia’s proprietary display trading desk, harnesses ad exchanges and real-time bidding (RTB) to reach clients’ target audiences efficiently through remarketing, demographic, contextual and behavioural third party data overlays, chosen according to the audiences we are trying to reach.

The Kaizen trading desk is a key part of our media planning and buying solution. The trading desk, planning and buying teams and account management work closely together to ensure we deliver continuous campaign improvement through data analysis, optimising RTB campaigns and applying the learnings to the planning and buying of all digital channels.


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We plan and execute cross-channel media buys through radio, press, television, cinema, outdoor, directories, inserts and door drops, backed up by industry leading tools.

Integrating digital campaigns with offline channel campaigns can extend the reach of online activities and the same is true in reverse. At equimedia we create tailored offline campaigns for clients as well as integrating offline and online media campaign activity to maximize overall return on marketing investment.

Please get in touch to discuss your media planning requirements and how our unique experience can help you devise seamless marketing strategies!