Media Planning & Buying

Put simply, we deliver innovative and performance led campaigns putting you in front of the right audience at the right time.

With a direct marketing heritage, extensive digital and analytics expertise and a programmatic trading desk integrated into our media planning and buying team, we are expert at putting our clients’ aims and their target audience at the centre of our media strategies.

We deliver innovative and successful cross channel, device specific, multi-placement integrated marketing campaigns in more than 20 countries around the world.

Display campaigns

We can advise you on how best to engage your audience through appropriate creative content and the right placement mix on mobile devices or desktop to maximize reach. We will also consider re-targeting strategy, placements, ad frequency and viewability, and our evaluation metrics focus on the resulting impact on website traffic and uplift in brand searches.

As well as being expert in planning and buying media such as TV, YouTube and VoD, we constantly find new and innovative ways to reach diverse and fragmented audiences through niche buys, programmatic, email campaigns, digital Out of Home, lead generation solutions and paid social media activity, and push the boundaries with device bespoke creative and media solutions, to exceed your expectations.

Real-time bidding display campaigns

Kaizen, equimedia’s proprietary display trading desk, harnesses ad exchanges and real-time bidding (RTB) to reach clients’ target audiences efficiently through remarketing, demographic, contextual and behavioural third party data overlays. It is a key part of our media planning and buying solution. Our experienced team delivers continuous campaign improvement through data analysis, optimising RTB campaigns and applying the learnings to the planning and buying of all digital channels.

In fact we don’t rely solely on algorithm based optimisation. Instead, we provide campaign targeting set up and ongoing results analysis and optimisation led by real people which super-charges the basic output the algorithm’s provide so our campaigns reach positive ROI faster and deliver more value.

Affiliate marketing

Our expertise means we have great partnerships with both niche and super affiliates to create bespoke plans that drive sales cost efficiently. We understand that every affiliate campaign is different, so plans are tailored and campaigns managed on behalf of our clients to deliver results that matter.


Integrating digital campaigns with offline channel campaigns can extend the reach of online activities and vice versa.

To maximize your overall return on marketing investment, we can plan and deliver cross-channel media campaigns using a mix of radio, press, television, cinema, outdoor, inserts and door drops.

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The proof of the pudding...

Check out how our clients have seen substantial increases in cost efficient sales through the efficiency and expertise with which we plan and buy their media.