Media Strategy

Delivering media strategies with customers at their heart enables us to deliver ambition-beating ROI for clients.

Create real online advantage through our multi-channel strategy framework.

Combining our data profiling and media know how, innovative technologies and digital best practice, we design media strategies that deliver to your business aims and build brand values.

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We simplify the complex to create great campaigns, which consistently outperform the market and delivers significant value for clients.

Where do we start?

Understanding your customers, your business objectives and current performance by media channel is a great place to start. You might have vast tranches of data, you might have none, it is usually somewhere in between, but perhaps there is some uncertainty as to what the data is telling you?

In order to build a media strategy that delivers to our client’s objectives we put your customers at the heart of our planning. Analysing your customer data allows us to build profiles of our target audiences, develop online personas and understand their media consumption habits. If you can share onsite consumption data too, all to the better, as it can help us ensure re-targeting activity is relevant to the individual. We then build a picture of each customer’s journey from research to purchase and review the market and competitive landscape.

This gives us a picture of who your potential customers are, how, when and where we can reach them.

With a thorough understanding of the product proposition and sales process we then link our client’s objectives to our knowledge of online and offline media, recent technical developments and the changing digital landscape to consider how each channel and media placement could contribute to the most cost efficient plan.

This structured, yet innovative approach means we create a robust, strategic platform upon which future media activity can be based.

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Understanding the complex to create campaigns that outperform the market

Using our Media Strategy Framework, we aim to maximise response from the foundation media, the "market-taking" lower tiers of the pyramid, and use brand awareness and engagement channels (the "market-making" channels) to increase demand through all channels.

Phase 1 analysis determines the optimal “market-taking” channel opportunities and aims to win consumers already actively ‘in market’; looking for your products or services. This stage of optimisation is based on building the gain scoring to understand the level of investment required to gain additional volume within these channels.

Phase 2 implementation of “market-making”, customer-targeted brand engagement and display media activities (including re-targeting) increases uptake through the “market-taking” channels and drive direct responses as well as building brand values and USP awareness.

The increasing complexity of the media landscape, the rapid growth of mobile, technology and social media activity offers enormous challenges and opportunities for any brand. It is our role to help our client’s successfully navigate the opportunities presented to them and create campaigns that deliver great ROI across all platforms and channels both old and new.

Helping define opportunities to continually improve campaign performance

It can be challenging to keep abreast of developments in digital channels and remain focused on what will work for your business. We review all new developments and beta tests with our clients’ Key Performance Indicators in mind by mapping media technologies on our Digital Curve. This technique plots opportunities against time and the degree to which they are proved to be successful in generating ROI. This process enables us to identify the tipping point where a channel could provide sustainable ROI and value for each client.

Digital technology adoption

Working with equimedia and having access to our Innovation team means our clients understand what is happening in the digital world and what each development could mean for their business. This approach informs testing strategies and helps them stay ahead of their competitors.

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Analytics Toolkits

Data analysis is part of our DNA as it helps us to understand what works and what doesn't, and optimise the efficiency of your overall marketing spend.

The combination of experienced data analysts, skilled technical developers and GA specialists means we can deliver a range of bespoke client reporting solutions.

ERIC, our own media planning, budget management, data warehouse and results analysis tool receives data from DoubleClick (our preferred third party tracking software) and delivers data to our experts fingertips quickly so they can spend more time understanding opportunities and optimising campaigns to deliver greater return on investment.

As Google Analytics Certified Partners, we prove our GA credentials and can help you set up your profile to deliver the insights you need on everything from campaign conversion and social media channels as traffic drivers, to customer demographics and content engagement metrics.

Integrating all last click results generated by ERIC using DoubleClick data coupled with GA insights, client data and other third party data such as social media platform results, means we can form a robust view of the result of all activity by placement, channel and overall, helping you to make the most of your budget.

Media mix modelling to drive ROI

Customers do not always behave in a linear way. Therefore ‘path to conversion’ analysis gives limited insight. Influence modelling, where we statistically analyse the real impact of placements on the media mix, can enable far greater optimisation of campaign activity. We have a team of data miners who constantly seek these opportunities on behalf of clients.

It is also important to consider the role offline media can have on all sales channels – as both an influencer and a final source of an attributed sale. Brand keyword sales are often driven by other “push” media like TV or radio, display or generic keyword searches. We can overlay offline and client data on campaign results to give a complete picture of what works and what doesn't.

Considering lifetime value of a customer can also play an important role in planning marketing investment and establishing acceptable KPI's to build business growth. We can take in client data to fully understand the end to end sales process and provide a robust view of what should be invested where to deliver to your business ambitions.

Integrating online with offline media

Offline promotion can impact search volumes, and increased click through and conversion rates. In this way offline is working as part of the "market-making" component in the planning framework.

At equimedia our media planning team has significant experience in planning and buying both online and offline media. Today, there is more opportunity than ever to measure the market making ability of print, screen and ambient media channels, and continuity of messaging across all channels and eCRM messages can amplify these effects - all measurable through new data analytics techniques.

It’s amazing what you can do with a postcode – we can use postcode upwards marketing to integrate and measure the effectiveness of direct response and brand enhancing campaigns at a granular and macro level.

Maximising efficiency and managing budgets

We always advise clients to regularly review their use of online and offline media channels and challenge the performance of both creative assets and media channels. By reviewing their media strategy against our well-developed framework we can help clients feel confident that their budgets are allocated in the best combination of media channels possible.

Proven impact

We are able to showcase many examples of how our clients have seen substantial increases in cost efficient sales through optimisation of “market-taking” media and increased brand and market share through deployment of "market-making" media.

Why not contact us today and see how using our Media Strategy Framework can help you?