Paid Search

Bespoke paid for search campaigns - helping clients exploit every possible opportunity, cost efficiently.

Increase efficiencies through a sophisticated blend of manual and automated search campaign controls.

Our highly experienced and data orientated paid search team believe that the account structures they create are the key to maximising return on investment. Our team maximise the value of each bespoke paid search accounts they create by combining a range of automated and expert manual optimisation techniques to wring every drop of value from each campaign, delivering to clients’ expectations, and beyond!

With experience built across a range of industry sectors from financial services and charity to B2B and retail in more than 20 countries worldwide, our team delivers thoroughness in approach and return on investment that is hard to beat.

We help our clients build their business’ by creating detailed paid search accounts. We devise best in class search strategies; writing efficiency driving ad copy for users at all stages of the purchase journey and providing in-depth analysis of trends and attribution. We use the insights we uncover to spot opportunities and deliver increased return on investment through expert optimisation.

Working closely with account management and other teams across the agency, they work to maximise the value of all marketing activity by ensuring paid search exploits the interest created through all customer touchpoints online and offline.

Our team offers

  • The ability to analyse and deliver real insight, fast, using ERIC and third party software tools
  • Detailed account structure and expert copy writing
  • An ‘establish a control, test and learn’ approach to continuous testing
  • Skilled manual optimisation for critical volume keywords across desktop and mobile devices with automated intervention for maximum efficiency in low volume, quality terms
  • Successful mobile device and desktop bid strategies
  • Successful applications for starter Google Grants for charity clients and qualification for the larger Google GrantsPro as quickly as possible
  • Proactive use of paid search beta tests being released by Google, Bing and other country relevant engines (Yandex, etc.)

Data + Technology + People = the equimedia difference

We drive efficiency for clients through our approach to search campaign management and team training. Maximum efficiencies are delivered by merging the advantages of skilled manual optimisation for critical volume keywords with the efficiency of automated intervention for low volume, quality terms.

Our dedication to constantly training our staff means they are resourceful and relentless in their constant search for the perfect PPC account.

Don’t worry that we are not for you if you do all things search in-house. If you have your own paid search team we can help you ensure they keep up-to-date and maximise your ROI through best practice techniques by providing tailored training sessions.

Our expert team will also happily conduct regular reviews of your paid search accounts, assessing performance, your device strategy and bid strategy, and providing recommendations or complete re-structures for your team to then manage and monitor.

We are completely flexible in the way we work with you to make sure you get the best possible outcome for your business.

Charity Google grant management

We can help you apply for a Google charity grant so you can use Google’s money to promote your charity’s work and win new supporters.

We work with charities large and small to ensure they get the most out of their Google grant ($10,000 a month to spend in AdWords) and as quickly as possible, qualify to apply for a Google ‘super’ grant called GrantsPro ($40,000 a month Google grant).

We can help you apply and then set up and manage your account so you get the maximum possible value in terms of generating support for your work and spreading the word about what you do. It is important to use your grant effectively and according to Google’s rules, so we apply the same rigour to setting up, managing and optimising grant accounts that we would use if it was our client’s budget.

We have successfully helped many charity clients qualify for a Google grant allowing them to spread their message and attract new supporters online. If you don’t have a grant, please  get in touch – we can help you.

Linking search to profit for retailers

equimedia’s proprietary retail feed management system,  Feedstream, allows us to control search bids by the profitability of each sale in order to economically boost retail sales volumes. Overlaid with our human intelligence, campaigns are optimised and expanded to consistently drive increased sales volume at the cost per sale you want.

Contact us for a Paid Search Health Check to find out how much more you could get out of your campaigns with our help.