PPC Health Check

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Are you maximising your PPC account? Do you think it is working as hard as it can, cost efficiently? Are you looking to expand and need to justify greater spend?

At equimedia we are always keen to help, which is why we can offer a free audit of paid search accounts. During our PPC audit process we will analyse:

  • Account Structure
  • PPC Performance and best practice
  • Average quality score (benchmarked against the industry average)
  • Device strategy
  • Ad Copy
  • Extension adoption
  • Geographical Targeting
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Search volume being lost to budget and/or low bids
  • RLSA (remarketing lists for search ads)

Do you have a feeling your PPC isn’t getting enough love? We will also look at the account activity and check how often optimisations are being carried out and whether it’s getting the attention it requires.

If you are curious or worried about your PPC account performance please fill in the short form to request an audit and we will be in touch very shortly!