Social Media

Social media shouldn’t be a bolt-on to your digital strategy; it should be at the heart of it.

We all know that through social media you can benefit from the real conversations people are having around your brand. But how much? We’re different from stand-alone social media agencies and those born out of PR. Our direct marketing background means we understand how to engage audiences and build brand awareness through social media, whilst also delivering ROI and supporting SEO.

We’re flexible and know that every business is different, but here are a few ways we can help…

Research and insight

Knowing your audience is key – but who are they really? What do they like? What do they watch? And where do they shop? We can help you develop digital personas for your audiences, providing an insight into their lives and what they are most likely to engage with, to maximise impact.

Community management

With our management tools we can keep an eye on things for you – including posting and responding on your behalf. We’ll also put in place a crisis management plan – just in case.

Content amplification

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear, does it make a sound? By using social media, we’ll make sure you make a sound. Whether this means creatively sharing your site content, boosting your social posts or using influencer marketing we’ll help you to cut through the noise.


Do you need a strategy? … Yes, yes, yes. Developing a social strategy helps you to achieve your long term goals and future-proof your social presence. A consistent approach to social will deliver value for your audience and your business?

Social monitoring

We’ll keep an eye on your competitors and suggest ways to respond to market changes.

Content development

We can create monthly posting calendars that ensure you’re broadcasting content with an aligned approach, but one that is also flexible and can react quickly to new trends.

Training and consultancy

To ensure social media becomes an effective part of your marketing mix we can provide advice and training and help to demystify the social channel.

Check out the case studies below to see how we’ve helped these clients with their social challenges.