Our job is clear; to understand your business, and your customers, and to devise smart media and content strategies to deliver against, and exceed your business aims.

The increasing complexity of the media landscape, the rapid growth of mobile, technology and social media activity offers enormous challenges and opportunities for any brand. Our role is to help you navigate these opportunities and create campaigns that deliver great ROI across all platforms and channels both old and new.

At equimedia, we simplify the complex to create high performance campaigns that consistently deliver against your objectives. How do we do this? By getting to the heart of you and your customers! Everything starts with data, it’s our life blood. Understanding your customers, your business objectives and current performance by media channel is vital. You might have vast tranches of data, you might have none, the truth is usually somewhere in between, but perhaps there is some uncertainty about what your data is telling you? We can help.

Analysing your customer data allows us to build profiles of your target audiences, develop online personas and understand their media consumption habits. We then build a picture of each customer’s journey from research to purchase so we know who your potential customers are, and how, when and where we can reach them. We can then build your campaign using our Media Strategy Framework.

Data analysis

Data analysis is part of our DNA! It tells us what works and what doesn't, so we can optimise the efficiency of your marketing spend.

Our combination of experienced data analysts, skilled technical developers and GA specialists means we can deliver a range of bespoke client reporting solutions.

And our jewel in the crown is equiEDGE, our own unique campaign and forecasting analysis tool that can give your business the edge by delivering key information to our team in seconds that other agencies can take weeks to compile.We simplify the complex to create great campaigns, which consistently outperform the market and delivers significant value for clients.

A holistic media approach

It is also important to consider the role offline media plays – as well as being both an influencer and a final source of an attributed sale, offline promotion can impact search volumes, and increase click through and conversion rates. At equimedia our media planning team has significant experience in planning and buying both online and offline media. We can overlay offline and client data on campaign results to give a complete picture of what works and what doesn't.

Today, there is more opportunity than ever to measure the impact of print, screen and ambient media channels.

The proof of the pudding...

Check out how our clients have seen substantial increases in cost efficient sales through optimisation of “market-taking” media and increased brand and market share through deployment of "market-making" media.