Usability Testing

Increase website conversions and improve your website offering with Usability Testing.

Understand the user customer journey online and identify opportunities for website conversion improvements.

Understanding user perceptions

In order to understand users’ perceptions and experiences of the site we combine attitudinal research with usability testing to develop a better understanding of the context in which users operate and the goals they have when visiting the site.

Number of testers

The appropriate number of testers depends on the number of different user types to be reviewed, the budget available and the confidence required in the research results. For each user type it is necessary to test sufficient users to be confident the conclusions drawn are valid. We would recruit a mix of age and gender from your primary user groups.

Our experience of undertaking testing on hundreds of websites shows that typically a relatively small proportion of usability problems account for the bulk of the bad user experience.

Project approach

We encourage all those in an organisation who are likely to influence the implementation of the research outcomes to attend the research and a subsequent discussion facilitated by one of our UX specialists. This discussion enables the development team to take ownership of the research results, develop a collective view of the problems, prioritise issues to be addressed, and agree the appropriate actions in the context of the client’s organisational environment.

The usability testing would be conducted as described in the product information below and has three elements:

  • Project preparation
  • Recruitment
  • Observed research

Project preparation

We plan the research in consultation with the client to ensure the client gets the ‘right’ solution rather than an ‘off the shelf’ one. Prior to the research, we agree with the project manager the key aims of the testing, the tester profiles, testing locations and timescales. We then follow an agreed facilitation guide throughout the testing sessions.

Tester recruitment

We undertake all recruitment ourselves - we do not use third parties. We believe this allows us to recruit more accurately to our client’s specification, provide greater flexibility, and treat testers in a decent and ethical way.

Observed user testing – minimum 3 testers

  • The observed testing session allow for up to 8 client stakeholders to attend (ideally all those involved in implementing the research outputs should attend the observed testing).
  • The testing sessions are facilitated by a specialist consultant adopting a user led approach.
  • The observers are active participants, capturing issues as they arise. A second consultant facilitates this process.
  • A session is held after the research to discuss the outcomes and identify the priority issues to be fixed. This means that within a single day the team acquires a shared view and ownership of the issues and will agree the implications, the required actions and priorities.
  • The sessions are recorded onto a DVD capturing the test screen outputs, a video of the tester, and audio outputs for analysis purposes and subsequent viewing by the client.

Eye tracking

The latest in eye tracking equipment - the Tobii T60 - is ideal for all forms of eye tracking studies with stimuli that can be presented on a screen. Unlike earlier models it is possible to use the ‘think aloud’ research approach because the eye tracker ‘finds’ the user’s eyes when they look back at the screen after a dialogue with the facilitator.

It is possible to watch the eye tracking in real time – so when observing in the studios observers can see and hear respondents, watch what they are watching and see the eye tracking overlaid on the screen as it happens – this provides additional insight into how users are looking at/using pages.


A bulleted list of the key actions agreed at the facilitated discussion will be provided, followed by a full report detailing key issues in level of severity, recommendations, tester quotes and screenshots, where appropriate, as well as DVD recordings of all the testers.

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