Web Design & Build

Conversion-focused design and build services

Create or redesign websites that enhance your brand values and convert more traffic.

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We excel at providing audience-centric, creative, and technically excellent web development solutions. Our expertise in amending and refining existing assets through to the design and build of entirely new, highly responsive, brand value building websites, means we always deliver solutions that optimise ROI and conversion through tried and tested user journeys.

Our in-house team of designers, copy writers and developers draw on our expertise in creating data driven audience personas to inform responsive, brand building design and build solutions. All creative content idea generation, research, design and production is informed by our understanding of your target audiences and our SEOUX and conversion optimisation expertise. Rigorous browser and device testing to ensure creative assets are built optimally, are fully accessible and perform effectively across all devices.

We are flexible in how we provide creative solutions for our clients, whether on a retained or project basis. Our aim is to be the most efficient and effective extension of your own team we can be.

We are used to delivering solutions quickly for clients, managing workloads to ensure on time and on budget delivery.

Extensive experience of designing digital assets including:

  • Responsive look and feel design that is on brand and engaging to your audiences
  • Bespoke landing pages
  • Websites that convert efficiently maximising your ROI
  • Mobile Websites that work optimally
  • Display Creative (banners) to drive response and build brand
  • Bespoke, innovative Facebook Applications to engage your audiences
  • Social Media channel branding
  • Bespoke assets, widgets and tools
  • Emails templates to maximise email response

The digital expertise throughout equimedia ensures the designers and developers not only understand your audiences, their needs, your brand values and how to build assets that engage and maximise return, but also understand current digital marketing issues and challenges such as the e-privacy directive or new digital display formats that will increase response to match your KPI's. We take the lead on such matters, working with clients to deliver effective, compliant and value-driven, brand enhancing design and technical solutions.

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