Website Optimisation

Is your website performing as well as it could?

Good website design is crucial for your customer’s enjoyment of your site but if it is hard to navigate it won’t deliver what your business needs. The equimedia “conversion review and improvement audit” involves a 360 degree analysis of your audiences and site, and delivers recommendations for site improvements or new site design that will make a measureable difference to engagement and sales.

Audience analysis

Who are your customers? Which are the most profitable segments? What are their motivations and what opportunities are you missing.

Expert review

Using a “cognitive walkthrough” our conversion specialists consider your website from the perspective of your customers. They take the same user journey and look for improvement opportunities.

User testing

Supplementing the ‘expert review’, we use an online panel of typical web users. With a specific brief to travel through the website along the selected user journey, each tester records their journey and our analysis of the results can uncover opportunities for making your site easier to use.

Usability testing

We also work with a specialist company who conduct usability testing. They recruit testers who sit alongside a specialist usability expert as they visit your site and pass along the user journey, providing us with valuable insights.

Website analytics analysis

An in-depth analysis of your Google Analytics or other web analytics data is an essential part of any conversion review and can guide us in the right direction, helping us to devise user tests.

A/B and multivariate testing

How better to understand the most effective way to improve conversion on your website than to create control, test and learn scenarios?

Onsite behavioural analysis

Using Google analytics latest website analytics and optimisation tools we can go deeper. By analysing and aggregating visitor behaviour into different segments we can get an even more detailed understanding of your website visitor’s behaviour and difficulties.

UX designed InformationArchitecture

We help you define what the most effective information architecture should be for your website and provide you with documentation for designers and developers to easily follow.

Wire framing

We produce wireframes to specify the critical content, navigation and layout of the site’s pages, helping to optimize the user experience.


We distill all these crucial usability insights together with your business requirements and create a clear and concise brief for our team. Whatever your creative requirements, we provide compelling, cost efficient and high performing design solutions that not only engage your audiences but deliver to your bottom line.

Talk to us about your conversion challenges and find out how we can help.