Amir Bhatti

Business Development Director

A little bit about Amir ...

Having spent 5 years working for a photography company, Amir made the switch to advertising life after watching an episode of Mad Men (episode “The Wheel”). After being part of the agency world for nearly 10 years, he still is in love with this industry and his job.

Amir’s experience includes working for some of the finest agencies and consultancies in the UK and has first hand knowledge of what clients need from their agency partners – from challenger brands to some of the largest UK advertisers.





My Skills...

Growth Strategy


Proposal Writing


Cricket Lover


Self-Proclaimed Food Critic


Why I love what I do ...

 "It's great to witness the teams challenge themselves to deliver the best possible return for our customers through great marketing.

Like someone said, “Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the consumer feel smart”