Clive Minnican

Digital Development Executive

A little bit about Clive ...

Clive is an experienced developer with over 30 years of programming experience on multiple platforms (including Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, iPhone, and Android) 

He started out his programming journey when he was 13 when he learnt Commodore 64 Basic, and then he progressed to the Commodore Amiga where he learnt 680x0 Assembly Language and released 2 commercial computer games on the Commodore Amiga: The Speris Legacy (ARPG), and Minskies Furballs (Puzzler) which both received positive reviews in various popular Amiga magazines (e.g. Amiga Format, CU Amiga). He later moved onto the PC platform where he learnt numerous other programming languages, and learnt how to build websites, and also Windows desktop applications. He also has experience at building iPhone and Android mobile apps, and Apple Mac applications. 

Most of his skills are self-taught, but he also successfully completed a Computer Science degree at Southampton University, and graduated in July 2002.  


My skills ...

Web Dev & Design


Team Player


Quick Learner


Tech Guru


Why I love what I do ...

“I always enjoy new challenges and the chance to learn new and upcoming technologies, and I take great pleasure in developing software which helps to streamline the business.

I'm pleased to be involved in the initial and ongoing development of ERIC which is so widely used by the business.”