Jonathan Moore

SEO Group Head

A little bit about Jon ...

Jon is equimedia’s SEO and Google Analytics innovator, seeking to think outside of the box to deliver SEO solutions to clients that are integrated with other digital marketing channel campaigns.

Jon is driven by the pursuit of perfection, using data to drive value for clients, constantly evolving SEO strategies to stay ahead of the competition and future proofing clients from eroding organic traffic. 


My skills ...



European City Breaks


Pub Quiz & Trivia




Why I love what I do ...

“I do have OCD. It’s part of my DNA, and drives me to always look not only for the big wins, but also, like the Team GB Cycling philosophy of the aggregation of marginal gains, finding the missing parts of the puzzle that together lead to better performance. My SEO world never has two days the same, it is constantly evolving, constantly in competition as brands develop their strategies, in some respects it’s just like one big pub quiz!”