Jordan Tandy

UX Developer

A little bit about Jordan ...

Started working life 8 years ago as a full stack engineer working on neurological and dental products and progressed into the front end webspace 3 years after that after finding my passion to create easy, simple and gratifying user journeys and designing websites.  I've worked in a variety of different capacities for clients such as HMV, YO!, TWINGINS, Silverspoon and Debeers. In my spare time you can usually find me eating, sleeping, gaming or tending to the animals (Wife included!).


My skills ...

Web Development


Design, Wireframing & User Journeys


Making things look pretty


Account Management


Why I love what I do ...

 Being able to make life easier for the end user by creating streamlined user journeys helps nurture a positive relationship between our clients and their end users and by proxy, our clients and us."