equimedia is a Google Analytics Certified Partner, a recognition of our expertise in working with the Google Analytics (GA) product stack. But our analytics knowledge doesn’t end with GA.

We’re experienced at interpreting data and providing insight into your website and marketing activities, and our team can help identify performance improvement opportunities to ensure you get the best from your digital marketing strategy.


Whether you have a new website and want to ensure your analytics setup will deliver the information you need, or want an audit to compare your current setup against your reporting needs, our experts can help with:

  • profiles and filters
  • tracking code implementation across your site
  • set up of goals
  • cross domain tracking
  • linking Google Analytics to AdWords
  • site content performance analysis

And if you’re already an experienced GA user, but need some more advanced help, we can also work with you in areas such as:

  • eCommerce tracking
  • event, form and site search tracking
  • automated report scheduling
  • data layers and custom data sources
  • custom dimensions and metrics
  • custom data sources
  • enhanced eCommerce
  • attribution modelling
  • custom channel groupings

We can also help with bespoke projects, Google Analytics Premium, Google Analytics 360 and training for your internal teams.


As a Google Tag Manager (GTM) Certified Partner Agency, we can help you set up Google Tag Manager, a tag management solution that enables website tagging to be controlled and audited without web development time.

Implementing GTM also means it is more straightforward to add GA, DC or other sales management or tracking software tags to all pages of a site, facilitating attribution analysis, sales source tracking and the ability to use all of the features in Google Analytics.

GTM can also help you to understand path to conversion and help provide answers to questions that will increase your site revenue.

Get in touch to find out how our Google Analytics training and consultancy services can add value to your digital marketing strategy.

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