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During the snap general election, shortly after the Conservative party announced their plans for Dementia tax, equimedia noticed a spike in key search terms surrounding this topic, and also a spike in traffic directed to Age UK’s dementia focused pages. We wanted to capitalise on the increase in searches, and promote Age UK’s existing content surrounding Dementia and Social Care.

By investing budget into a short campaign, we were able to generate 4,979 click to site, which exceeded expectations. Due to the additional clicks, the CPC (cost per click) was 57.6% lower than predicted, ensuring that the budget for the activity worked harder. Due to the focused activity, throughout the 11 days that it was live, Age UK averaged a position of 1.3 on Google’s SERP (search engine results page), and ‘The Dementia Tax Terms’ averaged at 1.8 overall. As an additional bonus, Age UK saw several donations made during this time, generating additional revenue for the charity.