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Native advertising boosts awareness and download volume

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Age UK wanted to provide people looking for advice on estate planning, making a will or those simply in need of support, with relevant and useful information before taking the next step. March is a particularly busy month for this type of information search and so Age UK wanted to increase awareness of their free guides and prompt downloads of their guides to making a Will and estate planning.

The project required a cost efficient ad type and platform that meant it was easy and quick to access the information Age UK provides.

why the client was so happy:

The results from the 2016 Age UK campaign exceeded the original targets. Having been set a modest target of driving 32 downloads, by the end of the campaign the guide had been downloaded over 3000 times through the native advertising campaign.

With ‘Free Wills Month’ of interest for a huge number of charities, we noticed PPC Cost per Clicks rising and charities being priced out of the market when using Google Grants funds due to the $2 maximum Cost per Click restriction. Native advertising gave us the opportunity to reach relevant audiences and pay less per Click than we would when using the PPC channel. This solution resulted in the campaign driving increased awareness of Age UK guides, a huge volume of downloads and the cost per download was kept to a minimum.

The campaign surpassed all targets and expectations. It's vital that Age UK can share information directly to older people and their families efficiently and cost consciously. equimedia recommended channels that exceeded our KPI's and more importantly ensured many more older people benefited.

Anthony Griffiths – Brand Marketing

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