Facebook interactions up by 231% in first 3 months

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Build a social media communication strategy

281% increase in Facebook ‘likes’ to 37,000 followers, and still growing…

HiPP knew their customers were very active on social media and wanted to develop a social strategy that would inform and support their customers and their partners through all the stages involved in becoming a new parent, from pregnancy to the completion of the weaning process. HiPP needed a social campaign to reflect their strong brand values and engage and support their loyal customers. After a quick turnaround and instant improvements the HiPP social campaign resulted in huge growth and development.

They asked us to:

  • Plan and implement a strategic Social Media plan which would, in particular, increase engagement and provide valuable information to their customers.
  • Tie up monthly social media reporting with other media reporting to give their team full line of sight of the progress being made.

why the client was so happy:

We launched a plan designed to build the audience for HiPP in Facebook and Twitter, increase conversation, discussion and brand advocacy on everything from pregnancy to weaning, and drive customers to resources on site as necessary. It was also important to ensure the Social media channels were effectively managed in all possible scenarios including crisis management. After a period of time, the management to be handed back to HiPP to continue the development of the channels themselves.

Although we had been present in social spaces for a few months before starting work with equimedia, we were struggling to create a real community in the emerging media. equimedia helped us develop a new tone of voice and way of behaving in all social spaces, but particularly on Facebook and on our forum that has delivered great results.

The team have worked with us well and developed a real understanding of our audience of mums and mums-to-be and come up with some great ideas

Stephanie Tollman, Product Manager Online & Baby Club (HiPP Organic)

Figure 1: Facebook page showing 'likes'

Figure 2: HiPP facebook clinic