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As part of their strategy to increase fundraising and legacy pledges, mental health charity Mind asked equimedia to take on the management of their Google Grantspro account to boost donations in the lead-up to Christmas. They needed an agency who could take control of their paid search marketing and maximise the performance of their Google Grant account, which had already been secured but wasn’t delivering the support they had hoped for.

Following a full review of the existing account set up, we fully restructured it and put DoubleClick tracking in place to ensure we could analyse performance effectively, provide robust reporting to Mind and effectively manage the account.

why the client was so happy:

The restructure of the Google account in line with our best practice granular approach ensured we were able to track and closely monitor all of Mind’s paid search activity. Thorough keyword research led to dedicated mini campaigns being set up in a complimentary paid-for account for specific areas, such as legacy pledges, and this allowed us to tactically bid more than the $2 Google grant click bid cap for terms delivering donations or pledges.

The account re-structure and complimentary paid-for account ensured we could leverage new opportunities and increase visibility. It also meant we knew exactly how the tactical activities were performing, and we could make ongoing improvements to fully optimise the ROI of all activity and budget investment.


Mind has worked hard to make great strides with awareness and fund raising activities. equimedia did a tremendous job ensuring all our digital campaigns performed extremely well, delivering an impressive return on investment. We could not have achieved these results without them!


Figure 1: Mind display advert.

Figure 2: Mind Google advert.