Actionable insights from YouTube advertising

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Viewing insights inform future targeting

2x more likely to purchase

As part of their communication strategy, the New York Bakery Company (NYBC) wants to establish themselves as a high quality bakery company.

By driving awareness and brand engagement with above the line advertising, they wanted to incorporate online and offline campaigns to increase brand penetration and sales growth. Achieving this in a way that was measurable and could provide actionable insights was vital in the strategy development.

why the client was so happy:

A “Taste of New York” video was used on YouTube to raise awareness of an in-store bagel offer which complemented their nationwide TV advertising campaign. The initial results from this activity were used in a BrandLift survey to measure the brand impact experienced.

The survey insights on engagement activity and purchase intent identified that brand consideration increased to 38.7% after the ad was seen 2 or more times. Additional information was obtained with regards to age, gender and other demographics, as well as keywords, interests and devices being used.

The insights obtained between exposed skippers (those who saw up to only 5 seconds of the ad) and viewers meant budgets and targeting strategies could be actioned to optimise existing and future campaign plans.

Brand measurement is a really key part of our communications planning this year. Being able to see the results from this campaign so quickly means we are able to respond and optimise other activities in line with what we’ve learned here.

Chris Collis, Marketing Director, New York Bakery Company

Figure 1: YouTube video ad