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Boosting social interaction and awareness

1356% uplift in social interactions

New York Bakery Co. wanted to increase the level of customer interaction on their social media platforms to give their great content the exposure it deserved and boost their brand awareness within their target audience. In a busy social landscape, it was crucial for New York Bakery Company (NYBCo.) that they stand out amongst their competitors, reach the right target audiences, provide visibility for their content to increase engagement, and build their brand, in a cost efficient way.

why the client was so happy:

The results from the 2016 campaign (Jan-Jun) saw a 1356% uplift in overall social interactions. This uplift was a result of targeting relevant and engaged audiences with a creative that resonated strongly with them. Using paid social to boost key posts to specific audiences over a series of months has driven 85% of all social interactions.

New York Bakery had not tested paid for social advertising so had only been able to achieve low levels of organic interaction due to a lack of visibility. Introducing paid for social ads to boost the reach to the right target audiences gave us the opportunity to engage the right audiences with the great creative messages and increase brand awareness. We focused on a combination of posts that revolved around both national events, New York facts and popular brand advocates featuring great new recipe ideas.

We found the social strategy had a fast and noticeable impact on our social platforms. We’ve continued to use paid social to give our great creativity the visibility it needs to boost awareness and to maintain a healthy social profile, with our engaged customers.


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Figure 2: Facebook Sponsored post